Long Green History

Long Green Music (LGM) is an up and coming independent record label with a rising future. The label was launched in 2007 as a way to promote Hip-Hop music and culture. Long Green Music is based out of Texas with a satellite office in California. Our in-house producer Cold Cash originates from the West Coast bringing with him a collection of beats and sounds from around the world.

The combination of West Coast Production, smooth hooks, and a female Texas swag, add up to the sharp-edged Long Green sound.

Long Green Music combines early-American Rhythm & Blues with influences from the genres of Jazz, Rock, Latin, Dance Hall, and Reggae. Long Green producers and artists have been inspired creatively and musically by places all over the world. LGM also incorporates the many regional flavors from the West Coast to the East Coast and all the way down to the Dirty-Dirty South. LGM has recordings with renowned artists Jazze Pha, Too $hort, BG, Pink, Dr. Dre, and base guitar great Verdine White of Earth Wind and Fire, to name a few.

Long Green Artists are considered lyrical athletes. Artists are required to participate in lyrical, physical, and industry exercises along with Long Green Staff. Artists are expected to be aware of what is happening on the streets and as well as throughout the world.

An onsite condition coach and nutritionist create individualized programs for artists in order to maintain physical stamina. Long Green Artists are professional performers who must continually work hard to uphold standards for success.

Long Green Wealth is a cultural philosophy created by LGM executives. It is the belief that we should all strive toward living healthily (eating and exercise), creating consistent cash flow (LGM), and positively impacting society (United Struggle). These are the principals upon which Long Green Music was created.


United Struggle (US) is an organization, created by Long Green executives, to support people in need and causes close to our hearts. We feel that it is our obligation to utilize our resources to make a positive impact upon society. United Struggle provides help to people and organizations directly. Cultural diversity and equality are accepted as the norm within the company as a means to projecting these beliefs on a broader social level.

Black and Brown United Movement

“Black and Brown United Movement” (B.B.U.M.) is the belief that people of color can work together, side by side to become successful. LGM ownership is comprised of “Blacks” and “Browns” from different parts of the U.S. Throughout our experiences, we have confronted many stereotypes about Americans from African and Latino ethnic backgrounds that were inaccurate. Usually we are thought of as the cooks, gardeners, drug dealers, car thieves, unskilled laborers, or those simply headed for jail. LGM strives to create a new image of all people ranging in shades of black and brown. We must be viewed as people who are family-oriented, intelligent, business-minded, and successful.

This movement is about creating a functional way to assist people of all colors. Individuals and organizations are given direct support for their needs. Assisting individuals with overwhelming daily living demands and educational needs will be a priority for B.B.U.M. We feel that it is important to support music programs (i.e., provide instructors, instruments, etc.), which are critical for stimulating creativity and giving young people a positive outlet. Support is given to various organizations struggling to improve opportunities for people in the hood. Children are very impressionable and we feel it is important to build a positive and supportive community. B.B.U.M. also realizes that Blacks and Browns do not always support each other. It is one of our underlying missions to help bridge the gap that separates them. Black and Brown United Movement will foster a more positive image of the relationships between Blacks and Latinos.